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Ztrapon is designed and tested with SFE style kites, and works with Aftco and similar fishing kites. We do not recommend using Ztrapon with Bob Lewis kites due to their spar tip attachment design. Inflate the balloon until it reaches the tips of the device where the string is attached, and you are done.

Different color choices

Hand made in the USA

Welcome to We are fishermen searching for innovative solutions to everyday fishing needs. Our patented Ztrapon balloon attachment device is the easiest way to attach a helium balloon to your fishing kite. With Ztrapon you can attach a helium balloon to a kite in seconds, you will never miss out on light wind days, and you can fish more and bigger bait. You also do not have to worry about your kite falling into the water while chasing down a fish. Our product is a favorite of South Florida and California anglers, and will withstand the abuse of professionals.

Ztrapon will make sure that when the wind is down, you can still get it up!

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Red/Green/Balloon Combo Pack $85          Helium Balloons 40" 2 pack w clips $15

1 Red Ztrapon/1 Green Ztrapon/ 2 Balloons